The scale of ideas.

Arrette Scale #1 on @ArchDaily's Top 10 Technical Apps for Architects. 
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There is no replacement for the freedom and creativity of drawing freehand. Arrette allows designers to work by hand anywhere at any time by integrating traditional drawing tools with the capabilities of a touch screen. We keep things simple so you can keep thinking about ideas.


Invent using the lines, erasers, layers and drawing tools you’re used to. Create in metric or imperial, start at any scale, and zoom to a comfortable view. Draw straight lines or freehand just like you do on paper.


Have the materials you need, whenever you need them, wherever you are. Layer your ideas on top of existing base maps or scanned images. Exchange ideas at the touch of a button.


Start designing right away, in a way much like standard drawing. Draw freehand with your normal style so your drawings look like your drawings. Share your work with clients and colleagues instantly, no technical support required.

Stay at Scale

The Grid lets you know the scale of your drawing, no matter the zoom level. Set the Grid to metric or imperial. Use Distance and Area measurement tools to measure line lengths on the Grid or to find the perimeter and area of arbitrarily shaped objects in your drawing.

Draw Accurately

The Edge is a ruler and a protractor all in one. Lay down a few lines to guide your work, or use Line mode to draft carefully and keep all the lines straight. In Circle mode, hand draw perfect arcs and circles.

Add Base Information

Have the base images you need at your fingertips, from site plans to your previous designs. Import images from Maps, Photos, Dropbox or the Adobe Creative Cloud. Use the tools to set your bases to the scale and cardinal direction of your design.

Adobe Creative Cloud Connected

Stack Up Ideas

Iterate without starting over using layers. Easily drop a new layer over your work and try a new idea. Re-order and hide layers as you work.

Share Your Work

Send your design to colleagues and clients when you’re ready, as a PDF, PNG, JPG or Arrette file. Post your designs to your Twitter accounts with a single tap or share with only the Facebook friends and groups you choose.

Organize and Access

Keep your drawings organized and available. Switch between them easily. Open designs shared with you from emails or Dropbox.

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