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Here are some of our favorite drawings created in Arrette for iPad.

A simple facade study of Villa Capra "La Rotonda" by Andrea Palladio.

Sketching the public spaces of the San Francisco, California Civic Center area. With layers, it is easy to stay organized. Note the faded appearance of the lower layers; this effect is adjustable.

This is a study of an existing house lot and its context. By using the Share menu and creating a PNG file, this image with a title, date, north arrow and scale was created. The original drawing was done over a scaled aerial photograph, imported by tapping "Aerial" within the Base menu.

This is another study of the house shown in plan view above. A study like this can be done while sitting on site, or over a photograph.

This image shows a drawing within the Share menu. In this menu are a variety of choices about how to send or save the drawing.

Arrette can be used to mark up photographs. Here we're looking at the Twitter heaquarters in San Francisco when it was still called the SF Mart. This photo was taken by a camera and sent to the iPad to be used as an aerial. But, you can even take images with the iPad camera to be used directly in the app from the selection in the Base menu.

Any time while doing a drawing, you can use the measurement tool to measure straight lines or areas, as above. When using the path measurement tool, if you connect the ends the tool will measure the area.

If you want to color a drawing, it's easy to take a line drawing from Arrette into other apps. In this case, the base image was imported from Adobe's Creative Cloud. The trees and other landscape were added in Arrette, and then the line drawing was exported to Adobe as a PNG. This allowed us to color in a layer below the drawing, leaving the linework visible.

This is a bit of fun, created as an homage to Bjarke Ingels' design for West 57th Street in New York. By adding an aerial that included the mostly-constructed building, we were able to treat the floor levels as topo lines. The red lines in the center are extrapolated since that area is actually part of the courtyard.

For this lot study, we again measure the area. Notice how the measurement tool gives the proper unit measurements depending on the zoom level of the drawing.

This is most possibly the prettiest skyscraper around.

We hope you have found these images interesting. They shown some of the capabilities of Arrette Scale and Arrette Sketch. If you'd like to see more, check out our Twitter account, @arretteapp. We tweet (or retweet) Arrette drawings, tips, and other interesting or inspirational drawings.

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