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App Overview

If you’re new to Arrette, here’s a quick summary. Arrette Scale works much the same as drawing on layers of tracing paper. If you are drawing and want to try another design option, it’s easy to add another sheet (layer) on top and use your previous work as a guide. You can also use an existing drawing or image file to trace over by adding a base image from Photos, a file on Dropbox, the iPad camera, or Apple maps. You can even paste an image from some apps right into Arrette.

Getting Started

To get started, choose a pen (the colored circles along the right side of the drawing screen) and start drawing! We recommend using a stylus for comfort and accuracy. You can change the Grid between Imperial and Metric units in the Grid menu, and add a layer using the top right button. The lower layers and the base image will become dimmer the more layers there are on top, just like the lower layers in a stack of tracing paper, but you can reduce the amount of fading in the Settings menu. When you’re ready, share your drawings via email, Twitter, or Facebook, or save them to your photos.

Scale and Accuracy

The measurement tools are there to measure distance in a straight line or along a drawn path, and if you connect a measurement line to itself you’ll get the area of the shape. The Edge tool, accessed by tapping the button on the right toolbar, acts like a ruler or circle template so you can draw accurate lines when you need to, and the distances are always correct at the drawing scale no matter what your zoom level.

Additional Help

If you have any questions about the functions of the various tools in the app, check the help screens which are accessed from the question mark at the bottom of the drawing screen, or check out our support pages on this website, or send us an email. If you have a question about how to do a specific task with the app, see our Tutorials page.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for information about what we’re working on and check out the Gallery to see what others have drawn with Arrette.

Thanks for using Arrette Scale or Arrette Sketch and we hope you find using it a useful and enjoyable experience!