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Copy / Paste a Base Image

This technique works from many apps on the iPad. A very useful source is from an Email attachment or PDF viewer. For an email attachment:

  1. Launch the Mail app and navigate to the email with your file attached
  2. If the icon says Tap to Download, tap the icon to make sure the file has been downloaded to your iPad
  3. For a JPG or PNG image displayed in the email, touch and hold the image. A menu will pop up, and choose Copy
  4. For a PDF, tap the icon for the PDF image attachment to show a full screen preview of your PDF. Tap the top right export menu button, and choose Copy
  5. Launch Arrette or switch back to it if you already had it open
  6. Tap the Base menu button
  7. Tap the Paste button in the New Base Image menu
  8. Complete the new base image steps of setting North, Scale, Origin, and Name as normal, and tap Finish after you have given the base image a name

Just like importing images from Dropbox, when you're done you will have a new base image in your menu and loaded into your document.