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Screen Capture to Make a Base Image

A quick and simple way to make a Base image from anything is to use the iPad "screen capture". This makes a JPEG image in your photo library which can be made into the base image.

  1. Open the file or image – whatever type it is, open it up on your screen in whatever app that you like and zoom to the extents of what you want to be your base image. Tip: be sure to include a scale bar or something of a known length to use later to put the image at a measurable scale in Arrette.
  2. Make a Screen Capture – at the same time, press the power button and the Home button (the round button on the front of the iPad). This takes a snapshot of the contents of your screen and puts it in the Photos on your iPad. You can tell the screen capture was successful if the screen flashes.
  3. Create a base image in Arrette - Open Arrette Scale or Arrette Sketch and tap Base, then in the Base Image menu tap Photo Library. This will allow you to browse to the image you just created, and Arrette will lead you through the process of creating a base image.

Fortunately, this works pretty consistently with anything you can show on an iPad screen.