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Review Work

A good use of Arrette is to make notes on work created by others. This can be either a part of the creative process or simply correcting work. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can bring in work to review.

From Email

To mark up others’ work which is in Arrette format already, simply have them email you the file to open in Arrette on your iPad. To save time on your end, if they have done their design in another format, have them put the drawing into Arrette before sending.

If you have received the drawing in email as an image or PDF, you will need to bring it into Arrette as a base image. You can do this with Copy / Paste.

From Dropbox

If the drawing you want to work on has been saved onto Dropbox, you can open it from Dropbox directly into Arrette. Note: Dropbox is also a good place to store your older drawings if you don't want to keep them on your iPad.

From Adobe Creative Cloud

It's easy to mark up work which is stored in Creative Cloud. Within Arrette, simply add the drawing as a base image. The great thing is that through Creative Cloud, you can import a variety of file types such as Illustrator and Photoshop which cannot be imported elsewhere.