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Share With a Client or Colleague

If you want to share drawings with a client or your team, use the Share menu button in the bottom toolbar to open the Share menu. If the person receiving the drawing has Arrette, you can send them an Arrette file with all of the layers using the Current Arrette Document button in the Share menu. Otherwise, you can send an image file or a PDF. The PDF is set up on US letter size, 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches high.

If you have Arrette Scale (not available in Arrette Sketch), you can also use the pop-up menu which comes up after you choose the file type in the Share menu. This pop-up menu is populated automatically by the other applications you have on your iPad. You can use this menu to save a file to services like Dropbox or transmit it via another service like Twitter. Note that this list is created by the iPad itself based on the preferences set by other apps, so some of these may not be able to handle every file type (such as an Arrette file) even though they appear in the menu.