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Start a Project

If you are beginning your first drawing with Arrette, there is already a blank drawing ready when you start the app. Simply choose one of the pens in the right toolbar (the colored circles) and begin. The drawing is already at scale, so you can zoom to the view you want by pinching on screen with two fingers.

If you already have a drawing and you want to start a new one, or you want to customize the current drawing, you should:

  1. Tap the "Project" menu button on the bottom toolbar, and tap the "New Document" button to create a blank drawing.
  2. The scale of the drawing will be displayed in the Live Display at the top left corner of the screen. If you want change the drawing measurement units (Imperial or Metric), tap the "Grid" button and change the units in the Grid menu. You can also turn off the Grid lines in this menu.
  3. Add a base image to draw over (if needed) by tapping the "Base" menu and either choosing an existing base image or creating a new one by tapping one of the other buttons (see the Create a Base Image tutorial).
  4. Zoom the drawing area to the correct scale by pinching with two fingers.
  5. Select a pen from the menu on the right side of the screen. The pens are the colored circles.
  6. Begin your drawing.

If you have a drawing within Arrette already, you can browse to it in the Project menu and open it by tapping the thumbnail image. You can also open files from emails and open files which are on Dropbox.