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Arrette Sketch and Arrette Scale are meant to make the drawing and design process more flexible. We do not intend for Arrette to replace paper, pencil and pen. What it can do is provide another tool in your toolbox to help you to design most effectively and efficiently, when and where you want to.

With Arrette Scale and Arrette Sketch, you can design from anywhere and interact with your colleagues and clients more easily.

Here are a few of the situations where Arrette can be useful. We hope you'll let us know when you find your own.

Sketching New Ideas

Whether at your desk, at a cafe, or on a plane, Arrette Scale and Sketch allow you to keep materials handy and draw when you want to. Print ideas out and lay a piece of trace paper over them to move to paper, and create a base image by taking a photo of your hand sketches to move the process into Arrette. It's easy to move back and forth and work in the format that's most convenient at any time.

Taking Work Home

If it's the end of the day or you just need to leave the office for an appointment, but you’ll still want to work before you get back, it's a snap to use Arrette to take your work with you. Even if you don't have an Arrette drawing set up yet, you can grab your work in one step (we estimate 15 seconds):

Take a photo of the drawing you want to work on. You will need to put it at scale later, so if it doesn't have a scale on it just make sure to lay a scale on the drawing and include it when you take the picture.

Later, when you want to work, simply put that image on your iPad, make the image into a base image through the Base menu, and do your design.

Receiving Designs to Mark Up, or Sending To a Client for Markup

If your team has sent you some drawings that you need to comment on, just make the drawings into base images and do the markups. If the drawings they send are in Arrette format, you can skip that step and just start marking up.

Arrette is also a great way to send your drawings to your client for a look. If they have Arrette Scale or Arrette Sketch, send your Arrette drawings. If not, send them a PDF and they can do markups the old fashioned way.

Design While Traveling

In case you are traveling, for business or vacation, and you need to do some work, it's easy if you have Arrette. If someone at your office or your client can send an image, make a base image and sketch on top. Better yet, if they can send you an Arrette file, you can get right to work without even setting down your margarita!

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