About Us

Allen (left) and John (right)

Who We Are

Arrette is a software company dedicated to making it easier for architects and other designers to work in familiar ways using new tools, specifically tablet computers. We believe that the essential elements of design do not depend on a single way of doing things - i.e. pen (or pencil) and paper. We are excited by the possibilities of the technologies coming our way and believe that they can make design easier, more mobile, and more effective.

John Beutler, CEO


I worked with Allen to create Arrette for iPad for architects, urban designers, and other designers who want to draw by hand at scale. Look around any architecture or urban design office and you'll see trace paper everywhere. Drawing by hand is essential to what we (designers) do, but it lacks some of the advantages that new technology can provide. With the iPad, the tactility and human touch of drawing can finally make it to the digital world. I wanted an easy to use tool that could incorporate the best aspects of drawing on paper with portability and sharing that would make my job simpler and make collaborating with my peers more productive.

Allen Hammock, CTO


My background is in technology, which is also an intensely creative field. Because of that, I could easily understand John's vision for a new tool for designers and co-founded Arrette, Inc. to build a mobile digital solution for architects, urban designers, and other similar professionals. Bringing to bear my experience in software development, we created Arrette and launched it for iPad in 2013. Our vision for the product is to expand its capabilities to the cloud and other touch- based mobile devices, desktops, and the web.

What We Do

Arrette Inc. makes two products, Arrette Scale and Arrette Sketch. Both are available only on Apple iPads at the current time, but we would love to expand to other platforms at some time in the near future.

Arrette Scale for iPad

Arrette Scale is an iPad app for urban planners, architects, and other professional designers who wish to share their work with colleagues and clients in a business environment.

In this professional edition, Arrette Scale has precision instruments like the Straight and Circle Edge tools for drawing shapes to exacting scale. Measurement tools let you estimate arbitrary straight line and walking path distances and size arbitrarily shaped areas.

Arrette Scale users can share their work in PDF form or exchange native documents and collaborate together on a project.

Arrette Scale is available for download in the iTunes App Store and retails for $8.99 USD.

Arrette Sketch for iPad

Arrette Sketch is an iPad app for designers, amateurs, and hobbyists who want to draw free hand while maintaining a measurable drawing scale.

Arrette provides the platform to begin design work and generate ideas without moving too quickly to rigid straight lines and curves. We want to help you draw much as you would normally draw on paper, but to give you the extra tools and ways to share your work that make your life easier and make the design process simpler and more productive.

The basic drawing structure is a familiar one - drawing layers that can be overlayed on a base image. The Grid keeps you aware of the size of what you're drawing, and various colored pens let you sketch out a variety of diagrams and illustrations. When you're ready, you can easily share drawings by email or save them to your iPad.

Arrette Sketch is available for download for free to all users in the iTunes App Store.

Need support?

Arrette is supported by the founders, John and Allen. If you need help, please email one one of us and we'll do our best to help you with your problem.

john [ @ ] arrette.com

allen [ @ ] arrette.com